Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Tail Spiders Biting

Hello, I trust you all had a good Christmas and you are looking forward to a great New Year. I thought I would write one last blog for 2009.
White Tail SpiderI took a look at what subject is currently bringing most people to the Kiwicare website for advice. That subject is most certainly White Tail spiders and their bites.
There is some controversy over the bite of the White Tail and how serious it can be. There is no doubt that White Tail spiders do bite humans and that the bite is painful. But there are reports from many people that they have been bitten by a White Tail and the result has been ulceration of the site of the bite (see the Recommended Forum for examples). I am not sure whether the spider bite, infection of the bite site or some other cause is responsible for these necrotic ulcers but I am sure it makes sense to get rid of White Tail spiders from your house.
A month ago I was embarrassed to have a White Tail spider drop from my living room ceiling during the visit of some friends. I remembered I had not yet treated the house to prevent White Tails and flies annoying me over the summer. The next day I made up some NO Bugs Super and sprayed all the nooks and crannies where spiders and other creepy crawlies hide; skirtings, hot tank cupboard, behind furniture, wardrobe, ceiling fittings, roof voids etc. With the rest of the residual surface spray I went around the outside of the house and sprayed the eaves, gutters, window frames and sills, vents, downpipes and anywhere else other spiders form webs.
Within a week I found more than a dozen dead White Tail spiders around the house, one in a pair of shoes. I am glad I had not put my foot in the shoe while the spider was alive.
If you have not already, I suggest you treat your house to prevent any painful encounters with White Tails. For more advice go to the spider page of the Kiwicare website.

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