Thursday, December 10, 2009

What to do this weekend

The weekend is almost upon us. Christmas is coming and many of you will be out doing your Christmas shopping. I will myself. As usual it has crept up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. But the other thing I will be doing is going around my house with my sprayer and some residual insecticide, that is an insecticide that lasts for several months, and treating the eves and gutters, cracks and crevices where spiders lurk.

Recently I have found webs strung across where my dustbin sits, each time go to put some rubbish in the dustbin I get a face full of web. I don’t mind spiders, I like them catching insects and they do no harm in the garden, but there are places in and around the house that I don’t want the spiders and I don’t want the webbing. A well directed spray can keep them where they are wanted. I will use NO Bugs Super the new Professional Strength or NO Spiders. Both will work well and should stay active through the summer season.

I will also spray some parts of the inside of my house. I found a young White tail spider drop out of the ceiling onto my settee the other day. It suggests that there are more in the house. There is considerable controversy over how dangerous the bite of a Whitetail can be. It may be just a bee sting like bite or there may be a risk of infection of the bite site and a more serious necrosis or ulceration. My feeling is I don’t even want the bee sting level so I will spray around the cracks and crevices and pay particular attention the roof voids.

Half an hours work will make me feel happy to invite you all for Christmas Dinner with out fear that you may be caught in webbing or bitten by White Tailed spiders.

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