Monday, January 23, 2012

What are those Little Fluffy Tailed Insects?

Passion Vine Hopper nymphs
Have you seen small fluffy tailed insects on the shoots of your citrus trees, jasmine, wisteria, hydrangea, privet or other ornamentals? They may be the nymphs of the passion vine hopper. These little insects suck the sap of many garden plants and can cause distorted leaves and shoots and their honeydew waste products will encourage sooty moulds.

A similar insect is the nymph of the green plant hopper, however the nymphs of the green plant hopper keep their fluffy tails straight back rather than up in the air as the passion vine hopper does. The green plant hopper nymph body is pale green rather than the passion vine hopper white.

The older nymphs will hop and try and fly when disturbed. Their adult form lacks the fluffy white tail and is a small brown moth like insect with functional wings. The adults form from January – April. they also suck sap and lay eggs that overwinter on the underside of leaves.

Control of these insects is best achieved in the nymphal stage November-March. Spray with systemic insecticide and fungicide or with spraying oil.

More information on passion vine hoppers and how to get rid of them.

Why did the gardener need a puncture repair kit?
Because his garden had sprung a leek.

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  1. how do you get rid of these plants? They are everywhere in my garden



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