Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weed Work for Cray

I spent a couple of hours yesterday (Sunday) working with a group of volunteers from Weedbusters and NZ Biosecurity Institute Canterbury Branch pulling and cutting broom from the heads between Taylor’s Mistake and Nicholson Park. This is a project to remove the invasive weeds and replant with natives along this part of the coast. The project is run and inspired by the ever energetic Keith Briden of DoC.

The project received funding for the purchase of native plants and more than half of these have already been planted. This has required a lot of hard work on the part of Keith and his volunteers. First weeds have to be cut out or sprayed and patches where natives are to be planted sprayed. Kiwicare has donated and subsidised Glyphosate and Buster for this work. Then holes are dug and selected plants planted. But the work does not stop there. The weeds need to be kept under control around the plantings and because the areas are exposed dry hillsides the plants will need watered over the hot summer months. With about 3000 plants planted so far this is a lot of work.

Yesterday’s two hours of labour were well rewarded. Keith is a keen (as mustard) cray and paua fisherman and put on a bbq of paua patties and heaps of cray at his house to celebrate the work so far and the coming Christmas break. Thank you Keith and all the volunteers that have helped during this project.

If you should wish to help in this project contact me by clicking here and I will put you in touch with Keith or the Weedbusters team.

What is the worst drink to have after working for Weedbusters?
Herby cider.

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