Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wasp Numbers Soar – Sting in the Tail

Wasp numbers are usually at their peak at this time of the year but the weather this year has seen wasp colonies grow to very high numbers and consequently the products such as NO Wasp Dust and Carbaryl are in very high demand. Many stores have sold out despite the best efforts of manufacturers to supply.

Insecticide dust is placed or puffed into the entrance of nests where workers land and carry it into the nest on their bodies and feet, thus destroying the colony. An alternative powder insecticide that will also work well to control wasp nests is available but less used. Maldison is also a powder and can be applied in the same way as Carbaryl. So if you are seeking carbaryl for controlling wasp nests and you find the hardware store or garden centre is sold out, you may find Maldison available.

Is the lead singer of the Police a wasp?

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