Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TV3 Target Program on Fleas and Pest Control ‘Professionals’

I watched tonight’s TV3 episode of Target with some horror.
I am happy to say that the pest control professionals that I know are far above the level of the companies tested on the program. If you are looking to pay for a pest control technician to treat your property for any sort of pest Kiwicare strongly recommends choosing a Pest Management Association of NZ (PMANZ) registered company and technician.

The shocking program does illustrate why so many people chose to solve problems like fleas by doing it themselves.

I am happy to say that you can do all that a professional pest control technician can do to get rid of fleas yourself. Follow the instructions found on the Kiwicare website on the Flea Control Page and you will soon be rid of the parasites.

What do fleas cross the sea in?
Blood vessels.

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