Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TV3 Target Motels With Cockroaches

I watched TV3’s Target program last night with interest. The investigative program carried out a hidden camera survey of four Tauranga Motels. One of the motels was criticised for leaving a Kiwicare Cockroach trap below one of the beds in the unit. The trap had successfully caught a cockroach and this was not a ‘good look’ for the motel. The motel staff should have removed the trap when the unit was occupied or, I would suggest, moved it to a place where it would not be encountered by guests.

I think the program should have applauded the motel for at least being proactive in monitoring for cockroaches and other crawling insects in the units. The Kiwicare Cockroach Traps are BioGro certified organic and provide safe and effective control of cockroaches without the use of insecticides. However, the fact that the cockroach was caught in the trap should have alerted the staff to the infestation and a treatment with NO Cockroaches spray or NO Bugs Super would have given better protection to guests and the reputation of the motel.

Cockroaches are a considerable pest in many parts of the North Island and north of the South Island where cockroaches find the warm and humid climate to their liking. Anyone in these areas it at some risk of encountering pest cockroaches wandering into their homes or workplaces or being brought in on boxes or other goods; I suggest being proactive and using simple NO Cockroach traps to detect and control cockroaches as soon as they enter. If cockroaches are found then a cockroach control program can be done to prevent an infestation establishing.

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