Thursday, March 25, 2010

TV3 and Cluster Fly Ellimination

Many of you will have seen the report last night’s TV3 News programmes.

I felt sorry for the poor lady that was sweeping up cluster flies that were about 2 inches deep on her floor. She was aware of the need to dispose of the bodies because they continue to emit pheromone. One of my ex colleagues from Target Pest was shown dealing with an infestation and I am confident he will have done a good job killing the flies and removing them. He will also have sprayed the roof voids, cracks and crevices where the clusters would form to prevent new groups forming.

Clusters are likely to continue to form in various part sof New Zealand over the next couple of months. I recommend you get prepared now if you live in and area of pasture land. Spraying the exterior of the house (or other at risk building) and the warm dark spaces within will greatly reduce the risk of suffering an infestation.

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