Monday, January 11, 2010

Seal Concrete, Masonry, Brick and Terracotta

Did you know you can seal concrete, masonry, brickwork, stone, terracotta, fabrics, leather, suede and other porous materials with the Kiwicare waterproofing range? These sealants prevent water penetration but still allow the materials to breathe allowing for evaporation and drying.

The sealants will also help prevent staining and the growth of moss, moulds, mildews, slime and algae. They are ideal for use on paths, walls, driveways, terracotta pots, roofs, Oamaru stone work and others.

NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Sealer should be used on dark bricks and on terracotta such as flower pots. When used on the pots it will stop water penetrating and fracturing the terracotta on freezing, it also allows you to remove and transplant your pots more easily as it stops the soil and plant roots adhering the interior of the pot.
Make your pot planting easy.

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