Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Professional Pest Control

Here at Kiwicare we regularly get calls from customers asking if they can buy our professional strength products. We have to explain them that the Kiwicare concentrate products that they can find on the shelves of good hardware shops, garden centres, rural supply chains and supermarkets are the same strength as the equivalent products used by our professional customers. To emphasise this point we have recently re-labelled our popular NO Bugs Super product line as NO Bugs Super “Professional Strength.”

We have indeed increased the level of active ingredient in NO Bugs Super by 50%, but in both our retail and commercial range.

KCL Commercial is the name of the commercial brand of Kiwicare Corporation Ltd. KCL products are packaged in commercial sizes suitable to large scale operations. But you do not need to be a commercial or professional operator to purchase many of the KCL products. Many are bought through Kiwicare or wholesalers for farms, lifestyle blocks, larger gardens and houses etc.

The new website is currently being developed and will go live before the end of January 2010. I hope you come and visit us.

There is a professional pestie,
Who once made a joke, I don’t jestie.
He made himself laugh,
So hard he did barf.
So had to clean up the jolly big messtie.

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