Monday, December 21, 2009

Pest control is different in New Zealand

“Pest control is different in New Zealand.” This might seem to be a strange statement but it is a statement from my own experience. In most parts of the world pest control or pest management is about preventing or eradicating nuisance pests; rats in the roof, ants in the pantry, borer in the floor, weeds in the lawn and other things that annoy us at home or at work. When I worked in the UK and Ireland these pests are what pest management was all about.

All this is true in New Zealand too. There all the problems with nuisance pests, but in New Zealand there is an additional level of pest control. The control of invasive pests that damage the unique natural environment of New Zealand. Possums, rats, rabbits, stoats, gorse, broom,…………………

This extra level of complexity to pest control in New Zealand is exciting. Helping to eradicate or control possums, rats, Argentine ants etc. to protect the natural environment is a much more positive and ‘green’ (if I can use that word) occupation than just stopping a nuisance. Kiwicare is involved in this part of the pest control industry as a manufacturer and supplier of many products which assist in the control of many of these pests; NO Possums long life baits, rodenticides, herbicides etc. Kiwicare is proud to be a sponsor of the NZBI.

The New Zealand Biosecurity Institute (NZBI) is an organisation made up of those involved in or interested in the protection of NZ’s biosecurity and biodiversity. I am a member of this organisation, we are an incorporated society with membership open to anyone interested in biosecurity issues. We organise activities on a local and national basis and produce a quarterly magazine. Come and join us and help us keep New Zealand the beautiful and natural place it is.

A rabbit walks into a bar and orders a beer.
When the beer comes he raises the glass and says “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!”
“Why the long eeeears?” asks the girl behind the bar.

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