Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pantry Moth

Pantry Moth adult
Pantry Moth is a generic term used for several species of moth that can infest the dried goods found in our pantries. The small grey/brown adult moths may be seen fluttering around the kitchen but it is their larvae that infest the food. The first thing you might notice is some webbing around your flour, cereals, whole grains, spices, pet food etc.

There are pantry moth traps that will catch some of the adult moths and hopefully stop them laying their eggs on the food. But the moths lay up to 200 eggs per day so it may have laid eggs before getting caught in the trap. A better method of prevention is to make sure your vulnerable foods are kept in sealed containers such as Tupperware.

If you already have an infestation. You need to examine all your dried goods and dispose of any that are or could be infested. Seal the affected food in a plastic bag and remove the dustbin. Then remove all food and food utensils from the pantry and cupboards. Wipe down all surfaces with water and detergent and allow to dry. Then lightly spray or wipe NO Bugs Super over all surfaces and allow to dry thoroughly before replacing the food and utensils.
A treatment such as this will clear any moths or larvae that might remain and give protection for at least 3 months.

What do you call a young female moth?
A myth.

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