Saturday, January 30, 2010

North African Flies?

It is a beautiful day in Kaiapoi. The sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky, there is a gentle cooling breeze and I have been to the local farmers market to buy the delicious bacon from the pork lady. I also found the fresh leeks, tomatoes and courgettes irresistible. Now I am home, the shopping packed away and my thoughts have turned to what I can cook for tonight’s dinner. I purchased some dried fruits from the supermarket during the week and the goat leg I was given by the good friends that are coming for dinner, has been in the freezer long enough. North African tagine is flickering in the food centric part of my mind. All is well with the world……except that for the first time this year there are flies about. Canterbury has been unseasonably cool this summer. Or I should say “it has been unsettled, being warm for a few days followed by a few cool days.” The flies haven’t known whether they are coming or going; until now.

I don’t think they are North African flies that have smelled the lamb simmering in the spiced juices of courgette, tomatoes, etc. etc. I fear they are common house flies and blow flies that have suddenly taken the opportunity to emerge due to the warm weather. It is maybe my fault that they are coming into the house. I have all the windows and doors open, including the ranch slider to the balcony.

But the flies don’t stay long. I recently sprayed all the fly landing surfaces with NO Bugs Super Professional Strength. What I don’t have is a Robocan or Natugard type dispenser. I don’t need it after spraying the surfaces. And as I am into cooking I don’t want the spray anywhere near my food. Not that I think that there is anything wrong with Robocan or Natugard dispensers. I don’t. But they have to be placed in the ‘right’ place, and only in the ‘right’ place. Such dispensers should never be placed near food or places where food is handled. I probably will purchase a dispenser and use a Kiwicare AutoCan 100% natural pyrethrum refill, but I will place the unit well away from the kitchen and switch it off when I am spending time in its vicinity; I don’t want to be breathing the insecticide, no matter how natural.

My advice to you if you are experiencing a problem with flies is carry out a thorough interior and exterior treatment with a long lasting residual insecticide such as NO Bugs Super or NO Flies. You can find out how in a previous Pest Advice article on how to use surafce insecticides. You can use an automatic dispenser as well but remember not to place it near food or food preparation areas.

Time for my tagine with couscous and tamarind pickle. No flies allowed.

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