Thursday, November 19, 2009

My first blog


Welcome to my first blog. I am starting this to answer questions that I am frequently asked regarding all sorts of issues with pests such as rats, mice, flies, spiders, cockroaches, aphids, weeds, possums, rabbits, moths, ants, fleas, bed bugs, caterpillars, carpet beetle, borer, …………..the list is almost endless.

I have worked for professional pest control companies in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. I now work for Kiwicare who are manufacturers and distributors of home and garden care products. This is a great Kiwi company that focuses on safe and effective products to keep your home and garden beautiful.

At Kiwicare we get lots of questions from people asking for advice. I hope this blog will go some way to informing you so that you can safely and effectively stay free from pest problems.

Please leave comments or ask me questions. I may not have the answer but I will do my best.

There once was a man from Belfast,
Who stood completely aghast.
At the size of the bug,
That came up the plug.
When it opened its wings and flew past.


  1. How do I control the case making clothmoth tinea pellionella, in a carpet that is glued to the floor as removing it is not currently possible. Another carpet may be laid over the top of it.

  2. Hi June,

    Thank you for your comment/question. Case moth larvae are likely to be in or under your carpet. They damage natural and manmade fibre carpets as they use the fibres to make the little cases that surround them like a sleeping bag. If you can't lift the carpet and treat underneath I would suggest testing a small inconspicuous section of carpet with a heavy spray treatment; letting the NO Carpet Beetle or similar residual insecticide soak deep into the carpet. There is normally not a problem doing this but it is worth checking first.

    If the adult moths have started appearing it is also worth treating tops of walls and places the small grey moths congregate. Also treat the edges of carpets in other parts of the house as prevention.

    You may find more information here.



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