Sunday, February 26, 2012

Midges Make the Press

The Christchurch Press took an interest in my recent blogs (7th Feb and 9th Feb) on the midges causing a nuisance around the east of Christchurch. They also found video of the midge clouds and other people that had suffered recently from these insects.

I then had calls both from TV3 and other building owners around the Bromley sewage settlement ponds. TV3 came to have a look but after a couple of cool days there were few midges to film. The calls from other businesses were to ask for advice on the midges and information on how to deal with them. 

What should you do when a midge lands on your pepperoni?
Give it a pizza your mind.


  1. Our Midges are dead the next morning without spraying but more take their place.

    1. Yes. The midges only live for a couple of days, but many more will emerge from their watery home each day during the season.



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