Monday, April 26, 2010

Grass Grub

Requests for advice from Kiwicare on how to get rid of grass grub are soaring. There has been a surge in visits to the website from people searching for help. This is probably due to the weather conditions putting extra stress on grasses and other plants with damaged roots due to grass grub. This shows as unsightly patches of dead grass on lawns.

Grass Grubs are the larvae of a scarib beetle (Costelytra zealandica). The beetles lay eggs on pasture and lawns in spring and summer. From January through to October the grub that hatches out feeds on the roots of grasses and other plants in the garden. Grass grub can cause considerable damage to lawns and vegetable plots. They are regarded as the major insect pest of agricultural pasture and are a pest of major economic significance in New Zealand.

The grubs are usually found about 15cm below the surface and control of the grub requires getting insecticide to this level in the soil. Kiwicare NO Insects Lawngard Prills are formulated to slowly release soil insecticide deep into the soil with watering and rain; giving good control and protection of roots.

The adult beetles feed on the leaves of many plants and can also cause severe damage if present in large numbers. The beetle or adult stage is a rich brown colour and has a hard, shiny covering.

This is the time to get into the garden and get rid of the grass grub to protect your lawn and to prevent the hatching of adult beetles in October/November.

I’m a gardener and I’m OK
I sleep all night and I plant all day!
I dress in grubby clothing, and hang around with slugs.
Oh I’m happy in the garden
With dirt and plants and bugs.

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