Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grass Grub and Porina Look Set to Devour Lawns

Grass grub
Gras grub and porina caterpillar are soil pests that eat the roots and bases of grasses in lawns and pasture. Grass grub are the larvae of bronze beetle and porina caterpillars the larvae of the porina moth. Grass grub eat the roots of grass deep in the soil and porina live in the soil and emerge to eat the crowns of grass.

There have been “extended flights of porina moths in most areas this summer” according to PestWeb a joint venture of the agricultural industries in New Zealand.

They also say that “grass grub have been flying [bronze beetle] in large numbers over many areas, particularly Canterbury, Otago and Southland…..”

Porina caterpillar
This suggests that numbers of grass grubs and porina caterpillars in both pastures and lawns is likely to be high in autumn and winter causing damage to grass.

Now is the recommended time to control the young porina caterpillars and grass grubs with soil insecticides such as Kiwicare Lawngard Prills

A third common pest of pastures and lawn grasses are the Armyworm and greasy cutworm, the caterpillars of these pests will also damage laws and is controlled by the same use of soil insecticides such as Lawngard Prills.

Two caterpillars are watching a chrysalis. When it bursts open and a beautiful butterfly emerges and stretches its wings before flying away. One caterpillar turns to the other and says, ‘You’ll never get me up in one of those things.’

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