Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get Big Juicy Melons With Kiwicare

Lynda Hallinan of NZ Gardener magazine wrote an interesting article about growing her melons……

Meanwhile, my assistant Rachel has been winding me up this week by emailing photos of her watermelons.
We both sowed the golden-fleshed cutie ‘Baby Doll’ in spring but, whereas mine came to nothing (I got a few flowers but no fruit), Rachel’s proved to be a star. She planted hers in a pot and despite a serious lack of water over the Christmas holidays, it set three little green melons that fattened up nicely. I think the secret was feeding. Rachel says she gave her plant a weekly dose of Kiwicare’s Organic Fertiliser (this stuff pongs to high heaven but works wonders). ‘Baby Doll’ melons are the perfect size to eat in one go so Rachel reckons she’ll definitely be growing more next year. As for the taste? Uber-sweet and seriously juicy, apparently.

I followed this up by contacting NZ Gardener to tell them how happy were to hear how well our Organic Fertiliser makes melons grow.

Lynda’s assitant Rachel replied…..

Hi David
Well, it was the truth! That stuff is great 🙂
I’ve been using it on most of my plants since Ange gave me a bottle to try, so thank you for that.
It’s so nice to have products out there that actually work. I’m currently in love with the NO Caterpillars product. My chinese greens are actually hole-free for the first time ever.
Rachel Oldham
NZ Gardener

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Why do melons have fancy weddings?
Because they cantaloupe.

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