Monday, November 1, 2010

Flea Season Starting Already

The flea season traditionally follows Christmas. But this year I am already handling enquiries from people having difficulty dealing with fleas on their pets and in their houses. I have also noticed an increase in traffic on the internet and sales of Flea products are already soaring.

There are adverts been shown on national TV at the moment from the major pet flea control products. Interestingly the ads mention that the eggs, larvae and pupa of fleas are not affected by their products. Products that are dropped on the skin of cats and dogs make the blood of those animals toxic to the adult fleas that then feed on them. The larvae of fleas do not feed on the blood from your pets. the larvae feed on dust largely comprised of the dead skin cells of the pets and people in the house. So the products used to treat pets only kill adult fleas and only when they have sucked the blood of the treated pet.

Treatment of pets alone can control fleas once all the eggs, larvae and pupae have become adults, fed on the pets and died before laying more eggs.

Best control can be achieved by a combination of treating the pets and treating the areas where the eggs, larvae and pupae are living.

How to Get Rid of Fleas
Almost all flea infestations are associated with pets, birds or other animals. Cat fleas are the most likely to bite humans but all will feed on a host other than their favoured when it is all that is available. Getting rid of fleas requires a multi pronged approach:
    Flea Bites
  1. Vacuum? Vacuuming before treatment is advised by some pest control experts as it will ‘activate’ pupae so that the adults can be treated. However, the adults first action will be to try and find a food source. The food source is likely to be you. To prevent bites we recommend leaving the vacuuming stage until 5-7 days after treatment.
  2. Treat your pets – Flea control products can be obtained from your veterinarian or from pet supplies stores. If you have no pets check for other animals living around your house, such as birds in the eaves or cats under the floor. Animal flea treatments normally kill and/or sterilise the adult fleas when the fleas suck the blood of the treated animal.
  3. For a quick knockdown of flea numbers use NO Bugs Bug Bombs (Flea Bomb).
  4. Spray pet bedding areas and places where fleas have been detected with NO Fleas Total. This product will kill adult fleas and larvae that contact the treated areas. It also contains a growth regulator that stops development of fleas and terminating their life cycle.
  5. Following treatment carefully collect all bedding from the room and place in a plastic bag for transport to your washing machine, being careful to make sure no insects are dropped on the way. If possible wash the clothes in a hot wash.
  6. After 5-7 days – Vacuum – Thoroughly vacuum dust and other detritus from all areas. This will remove dead fleas, larvae and eggs and also remove the food that the larvae need to develop. It will also ‘activate’ remaining pupae and the hatched adults will contact the treated surfaces to be killed. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag immediately afterwards, by sealing in a plastic bag and placing in the waste bin outside.
  7. Spray again with NO Fleas Total to protect from further infestation. NO Fleas Total will remain effective for at least three months in most situations.
  8. Be sure to keep your pet’s flea control up to date. This will help to prevent re-infestation. Regular vacuuming removes the detritus that flea larvae would feed on and help to reduce the risk of future infestation.
Be pro-active and protect yourself, your family and your pets from fleas now.

Shortest ever poem about fleas.

Adam had’em.


  1. OMG…I hate these goddamn fleas. I never knew my cat could get them as she is indoors. However she got fleas in July, I treated her with front line n Johnsons tablets. I am constantly moving furniture about n constantly hoovering. I have used numerous types of sprays for the house, but its a vicious cycle…I am so depressed n run down…my 8yr old daughter is full of bite marks, she thinks she is gong to drop dead….please somebody HELP US!!!

  2. I hate Fleas.It's a very harmful pest.thanks for your tips


  3. OMG fleas can drive you crazy. We've done the flea bombs three times and I've salted the floor. We bathed our lab with dawn everything. Well now the fleas r attacking me. Please I need help before I go crazy.



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