Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Signs of Cluster Flies Clustering

I am getting the first reports of cluster flies beginning their clustering season. Cluster flies are members of the blow fly family. As larvae they feed on earthworms in pasture and lawns before emerging as slow dull black flies. They vary in size from a little smaller than house flies to much larger (up to 16mm). They are characterised by being slow moving and easy to catch or squash compared to other flies.

Small cluster of cluster flies in roof void
Now is the time to be pro-active and prevent cluster flies clustering in your house or other buildings. Cluster flies seek dry, warm, dark spaces to group together and try to survive the coming winter. The flies release a pheromone that attracts other cluster flies to the cluster. as the cluster grows the strength of the pheromone increases and it attracts more flies. If the early stages of the cluster can be prevented you can stay free of cluster flies this season.

How to Prevent Cluster Flies Clustering

  • Where possible, seal up the entrances to roof voids, eaves, ceiling spaces, wall spaces, gaps around window and door frames, and other potential cluster sites.
  • If sealing is not an option, then spray the entrances to such places with Long lasting surface insecticide such as NO Bugs Super.
  • Use a paint brush or sponge to apply NO Bugs Super to  gaps in and around doorways, window frames, eaves, gaps between weatherboard, gaps around pipes and cables etc.
  • Any cluster flies found should be immediately killed, collected and removed in a sealed bag in the bin. Cluster flies continue to release attractant pheromone even when dead.
Prevention is always better than cure. Preventing cluster flies clustering in your home is much easier than getting rid of them once they have begun large clusters. this is because once a cluster has formed the pheromone will linger at the cluster site even after the flies have been removed and collected.

What has two wheels and flies?
A rubbish bin.

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