Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fieldays 2011 Starts Today

The National Agricultural Fieldays starts today at Mystery Creek, Hamilton. This is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agri-business event with over a thousand businesses showing their wares.

Kiwicare have a stand in the main Mystery Creek Pavilion at site PE26 which is almost opposite door 2. Come and say ‘Hi’ you will be rewarded with your choice of free NO Bugs Super to keep your home free from insect pests or Spectrum to keep your roses and other plants pest and disease free.

On site will be experts on pest control and horticulture. Come and ask us a question.

The Kiwicare Head Office and factory in Christchurch has been only slightly affected by the latest quake. Production and dispatch was restored yesterday although there may be some disruption to communication via email this is expected to be repaired today. Our apologies to anyone that has had trouble contacting us. You can now contact the office for orders and enquiries on our main number 03 389 0778 or via your local representative.

Did you hear about the farmer who ploughed his field with a steamroller?
He wanted to grow mashed potatoes!


  1. My gf said she found three bed bugs on the couch tonight so when I get home I tear the place apart and I found in my room underneath my box spring 4 to 5 groups of bed bugs larva to adults So I sprayed the he'll out off it with pesticide and thru it out …Then I litterly sprayed the whole house… should this be enough or should I still be worried !?!?!?!?

  2. Hi,
    If you found bed bugs in other places you should be prepared to spend some time searching for and eradicating the bugs. it sounds like they have been there for some time
    In which case you need to spend some time dealing with them in all the places they might hide.
    Kind Regards

  3. Hi I just wanted to know how can you get Reed of bed bugs in know I have them please help thanks in advance



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