Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ellerslie and Butterflies

Ellerslie is creeping up on me. Today I will go to the site in Hagley Park to check that our site is ready for set up. Thanks to Portstone Garden Centre, of Ferry Road Christchurch for supplying a great selection of plants and pots for our display.

I have had a couple of calls this week enquiring about how to deal with aphids on swan plants used for feeding monarch butterflies. One of the calls was from a large breeder of butterflies who claims that he has successfully used NO Insect Maldison to get rid of the aphids quickly. Then he washes off the maldison thoroughly. Lets the swan plants dry and then can put the caterpillars on the plants and they don’t come to any harm. As maldison is non systemic I can see how this might work, but care would need to be taken to make sure all residues are removed.

NO Insects Maldison is an excellent product for controlling aphids rapidly. Noramlly it would not be necessary to remove the product after treatment, unless you want to prevent harm to beneficial insects such as Monarch butterflies.

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