Thursday, December 3, 2009

EcoCover now includes Agrogreen

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AGROGREEN is now used as growth enhancer in the EcoCover mulch mat manufactured by EcoCover (NZ) Ltd.

EcoCover mulch mat is a highly innovative product and is manufactured from waste paper. EcoCover mulch and Agrogreen fertiliser enriched mulch mats are a ‘world first’ in providing a cost-effective substitute for plastic and other mulch systems used in the horticultural, agricultural and land management industries. EcoCover is unique; it is the world’s most complete plant mulch and weed suppressant matting.

EcoCover has many uses including weed suppression and new planting protection in commercial and domestic landscaping, reduced maintenance and soil enrichment in nurseries and horticulture, environmental restoration, landfill cover, erosion control and soil stabilisation and more.

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