Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter DIY

Easter is traditionally a time when DIY enthusiasts get down to preparing the home and garden for the coming winter months. The hardware stores and garden centres will be doing a good trade this long weekend.

It is noticeable that sales of Kiwicare products for the control of insects of all sorts have surged in the last month; this is one or two months later than traditionally.

Our retailers such Mitre10, Bunning’s, Placemakers and Hammer have stocked up early for rodent control products. It has been noticeable that rodenticides have sold well throughout the spring and summer and this suggests to me that it has been a ‘bumper’ year for breeding of rodents. The result is likely to be a big influx of rats and mice to homes, offices, factories and farms when some real cool weather arrives. It is advisable to be pro-active and carry out a simple preventative plan now. I recently wrote a guide for the Yellow Pages on how to keep rats and mice out. You can check it out here.

In the garden and outside the house it is a good time to tidy up and prepare the lawn for winter and to improve your home’s resistance to damp and cold. There have been a few nearly frosty mornings here in Canterbury and terracotta, concrete or stone pots on your deck should be protected from frost. Again I have written Yellow How To guides on these subjects, see here.

Have a wonderful Easter break whatever you are doing.

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