Monday, April 5, 2010

Don’t Get Stung by Wasps

The wasp season has started in earnest. I mentioned in a previous blog (Angry Wasp Season) that the wasps did not appear to be as prevalent this year. Perhaps I should not have tempted the fates.

Over the Easter break there has been a huge spike in visitors to the Kiwicare website seeking help and advice on dealing with wasps and wasp nests. Yesterday saw twice as many people seeking our wasp page as any other day since I started tracking the number in July 2008.

I will be monitoring the level of interest in everything ‘wasp’ over the next few weeks. If you want to learn how to get rid of wasps and wasp nests take a look at the Kiwicare website where you will find a lot of useful advice.

On my travels over the Easter break I noticed another insect pest that is late in being an issue this year. Cabbage White Butterflies were in abundance as I drove around the country. When I stopped at one restaurant which had a dedicated vegetable garden I noticed the damage done by the caterpillars of this butterfly. They had eaten holes in all the brassicas (cabbages, sprouts, kale, and broccoli). A simple spray with BioGro certified Organic NO Caterpillars would have saved the crop from this damage and not had any effect on the ability to use the veges in the restaurant as there is no withholding period.

Caterpillars will continue to damage vegetables and other plants for a month or more yet. So get out and protect them now. I will.

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