Friday, March 12, 2010

Damp But Undeterred

The weather at the Ellerslie Flower Show yesterday began with sunshine and I had hoped that the forecast rain would hold off for the day. Sadly my optimism was mistaken and the rain came earlier than expected. 

But gardeners are hardy folk and the crowds continued to enjoy the show and make the most of the entertainment and gardens on show. The Kiwicare stand was busy almost all day with people seeking advice on controlling pests and keeping their home and garden looking good.

There was a lot of interest in Kiwicare organic products, particularly the new Organic NO Caterpillars. The NZ Gardener ‘Stump the Expert’ talks each day at 4pm have prizes of Kiwicare products. So go along and stump an expert to win some Kiwicare products.

Today (Saturday) is looking like being a perfect day for visiting the show. The sun is out, the forecast is fine and it will not be too hot for spending the day enjoying the show.

See you there.

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