Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caterpillars Chomp on Vegetables

The season for white Cabbage Moth and Cabbage White butterfly caterpillars is late this year. But I am starting to see the white butterflies flitting about gardens now and this means that they have been laying their eggs on the vegetables. They go for plants such as cabbages, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and beetroot.

There are also other caterpillars and grubs that attack our vegetables such as the larvae of the potato and tomato moth and the armyworm. All of these grubs attack and eat the leaves of various plants in the garden.

Treatment with traditional insecticides to protect the veges and fruit would mean not being able to eat the crops for a withholding period. Kiwicare have recently released a BioGro certified organic product that controls caterpillars of all sorts without a withholding period.

Organic Caterpillar Bio Control (previously Organic NO Caterpillars) controls pest insect caterpillars and other leaf eating larvae on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. It is safe to handle, does not affect the plants or beneficial insect species but is deadly to plant damaging caterpillars when used as directed. It will control all types of caterpillars including leafroller, looper and white butterfly as well as diamond back moth larvae, tomato fruitworm, and fall webworm. Beneficial insects such as ladybirds and bees are not harmed.

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