Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carol King and James Taylor

I was lucky enough to be taken to a great concert last night. Carol King and James Taylor played the Westpac Stadium in Christchurch.

Those in the audience that had hair were sporting a few grey ones, so I fitted right in. We enjoyed nearly three hours of hit after hit from two of the greatest singer songwriters. It was the seventies when they both wrote some of the decade’s most memorable tracks but they have not lost any of their talent as performers. James Taylor and Carol King is a marriage of two musical kindred spirits and they have chemistry between them that makes for great music together.

Who is next in concert in Christchurch?

Before the concert I had a delicious meal at the Two Fat Indians restaurant in Merrivale. I am very partial to Indian cuisine, a hangover from my father’s cooking. He was in the Indian Army during WWII and brought considerable tolerance to hot food home with him. When he made a curry from first principles we kids knew we had had a curry. At the Two Fat Indians one gets an authentic taste of India. I had a scrumptious Fish Bengali dish and a mouth watering Chicken Hyder. I would strongly recommend both.

The next blog may have something to do with pest control…… Just while I am thinking about curries and pest control……….

Do you know? Kiwcare has an excellent BioGro certified crawling insect barrier made from capsaicin the hot chemical in chillies. Organic NO Insects Barrier can be painted around entrances to a house to keep out ants, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies…….and no use of insecticides!

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