Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Kiwicare production flat out to meet demand
Kiwicare is heading into the peak production and sales season as insect problems rise with rising temperatures. The La Nina weather pattern that we are experiencing this year is predicted to cause hot dry conditions in New Zealand and farmers have been warned to prepare for drought. Such weather is also likely to increase insect numbers including pests. Sales of Kiwicare insect control products is already showing a large trend upwards, above and beyond the usual rise at this time of year. This means that there is pressure within the factory to increase production to fulfill demand. I even found myself working on the production line on Saturday to help out. Many thanks to all the staff that are working so hard and so many long hours to ensure our retailers and the New Zealand public have the Kiwicare products they need.

The prospect of a bad year for insect pests means that I suggest you carry out a general insect and spider proofing of your house now, before you have to.

A normally busy bee,
is lazing under a tree.
When a wasp flies by,
and shouts “Hi!”
“Your usually busier than me.”

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