Monday, May 31, 2010

BioGro Certification for NO Fungus Copper Oxychloride

Kiwicare is committed to finding organic solutions for controlling pests and diseases in the home and garden. We also believe that where possible our organic products gain the highly respected BioGro certification to demonstrate that they comply with requirements of organic producers. Many products can claim to be organic without review and certification by an independent organisation such as BioGro.

To be sure you are purchasing products that have been reviewed and certified as suitable for organic production look out for the BioGro logo.

Kiwicare BioGro Certified products are listed on the Kiwicare website.

We are happy to say that NO Fungus Copper Oxychloride has gained BioGro certification for control of diseases on fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

NO Fungus Copper Oxychloride is a broad spectrum fungicide and bactericide controlling a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases on fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.
Diseases controlled include blackspot, downy (or downey) mildew, leaf spot, halo blight, anthracnose (cankers), verrucosis, brown rot, leaf curl and many more.
Can be used safely on fruit and vegetables with no withholding period.

A fungus walks into a Glasgow bar. The barman says “Sorry, you’ll have to leave.”
“Why?” says the fungus.
The barman replies “Because there’s no mushroom.”

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