Saturday, August 17, 2013

Argentine Ants Spring Offensive

It is nearly officially spring and if the mild weather across New Zealand continues it will be ‘bological’ spring even sooner.

Argentine ants are fast becoming the ant of most nuisance for New Zealand home owners. This ant species is amongst the most invasive pests on the planet and it is now present in most parts of the North Island and the upper South Island and Christchurch.

The nests of Argentine Ants are less elaborate than some species but they can accommodate very large numbers. They are sensitive to variations in their environment and consequently colonies move nest site frequently, most often in spring (and autumn). They move home to a more suitable site for the coming warmer (cooler autumn) weather.  They endeavor to find site with favorable sites for temperature and humidity.

Now is a good time to prepare your spring offensive against these nomadic ants. Don’t let them find suitable nest sites close to or in your home. 

I have previously described how to control Argentine Ants. At this time of the year you should concentrate on the protection of your property by:
You will then enjoy a spring with fewer intrusions of this annoying pest ant.

What do you call an uneducated ant? A Truant.

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