Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are Caterpillars Eating Your Vegetables?

White Butterfly CaterpillarsAre caterpillars eating your lovely fresh growing veges? And you don’t want to spray the veges with ‘nasty’ chemicals? Well Kiwicare have just launched their new Organic NO Caterpillars product.

BioGro LogoBioGro Certified Organic NO Caterpillars controls pest insect caterpillars and other leaf eating larvae on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. It is safe to handle, does not affect the plants or beneficial insect species but is deadly to plant damaging caterpillars when used as directed. It will control all types of caterpillars including leafroller, looper and white butterfly as well as diamond back moth larvae, tomato fruitworm, and fall webworm. Beneficial insects such as ladybirds and bees are not harmed.

Best of all there is no withholding period when Organic NO Caterpillars is used so you won’t have to stop eating your veges while the product does its work.

What was inscribed on the caterpillar’s headstone?

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