About Me

Here I am in New Zealand. I came here over nine years ago (written Aug 2013) I found I like New Zealand and its people, I found I like my job and the people I work with, I found I have good friends from all over the world, I found I want to stay and live in God’s own…………and amazingly they let me. I am now a Kiwi with a capital K, i.e. a New Zealand citizen, not a shy, brown, flightless bird.

On a more serious note, About me:

I am now involved in developing the environmental protection products of Kiwicare who are New Zealand’s premier pest control product manufacturer.

I have worked in urban pest management and environmental protection in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand since 1982.

I have also spent 8 years investigating the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis and developing novel techniques for molecular strain typing of Tb and other animal diseases.

When I came to New Zealand I, perhaps inevitably, became involved in the control of possums and the eradication of Tb by eradicating the possum, vector of the disease and one of most environmentally damaging of the mammals brought into New Zealand.

I am also involved in the protection of New Zealand’s natural environment through the New Zealand Biosecurity Institute.