Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Organic Fertiliser for Vegetables

Are your winter vegetables flourishing? No. Then they probably need a good vege fertiliser.

Kiwicare Organic Nourish Vegetable Fetiliser is formulated using a combination of natural and renewable marine sources (fishmeal and seaweed) and natural salts, humic acids and organisms that benefit the soil. It has a Nitrogen:Phosphorous:Potassium (NPK) ratio with a balance of the major plant nutrients considered best for a range of vegetables.

It also contains trace elements (plant vitamins) and elements that plants require in small amounts such as iron, manganese, boron, copper, zinc and molybdenum.

The natural formulation which is certified organic by BioGro, New Zealand’s organic certification organisation, is absorbed by both foliage and roots. Components in the fertiliser release nutrients for rapid absorption and others release the nutrient slowly so that the vegetables get continuous access to nutrients rather than a quick burst followed by nothing.

The humic acids are the major components of the breakdown of organic material and many soil scientists regard them as essential for good plant growth.

Good soil is a living eco-system, full of fungi, bacteria and algae that help breakdown large molecules into the smaller ones that plants can more easily absorb and they keep detrimental disease causing organisms at bay. The micro-flora (mirco organisms) in Nourish help to promote this healthy balance of organisms.

So Nourish Fertilisers have the ideal balance of essential nutrients for vegetables in a renewable organic form that gives the plants healthy growth over a period of time.